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How to install software?

The applications for Android have the extension. apk. There are several ways to install them (all methods give the same result). To validate a way to 2-5 in the «Settings -> Application Settings -> Unknown Sources» you must install the daw.
When installing the program is not a Market (methods 2-5), the program will not be tied to it, Automatic Updates will not be. You can update manually.
  1. Install a program on the smartphone Market. The program requires access to the Internet. If the Market is not preinstalled on your device, use other means installing applications.
  2. If your device has a file manager, put the installation file Android application (*. apk) on the memory card. Using the file manager, find the card you want the setup file and open it, the system prompts you to install the application. If your device has a file manager is not installed, install it through the Market
  3. For owners of the devices HTC: InstallAPK install on your computer and install the application using this program.
  4. Put the memory card installer Android application (*. apk) and remember its name. As an example, the file will be named program.apk. Open the «Browser» in the address bar type content://com.android.htmlfileprovider/sdcard/program.apk, press Enter. The system then prompts you to install the application.
    Note: If the above command does not work, then in the address bar to type the following file:///sdcard/program.apk.
  5. The program can be set via the command line using the PC utility adb. Archive will be unpacked to the root of drive C: is get C:\fastboot-tools. In this folder and throws the file you want to install.
    The file must be in the format. Apk!
    On the menu: Settings> Applications> Development> Debugging through USB. Put a check mark.
    On the PC, run the command line in it, enter:
    cd C:\fastboot-tools
    adb-windows.exe install name.apk

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